1. Have you used Mod Podge?
2. Do you really call it Mod Podge? Because I am pretty sure I have been going around this entire week calling it Hodge Podge.

Um anyway.
So I had the greatest idea to upcycle some bracelets (see: I saw it on an Etsy shop and thought, Hey I could do that for a fraction of the cost) and this gunk was in order. Little did I know it’s just a fancy version of Elmer’s glue. Well, maybe it’s more than that, but it certainly dried on my hands like Elmer’s glue. And it peeled off in really big handprint-sized flakes like Elmer’s glue (which, in my opinion, is the best thing when you’re having to work with this kind of stuff). So consider me sold.

Anyway, I took a plain bangle from the jewelry box and cut up strips of a map and voila – instant cool bracelet. Now I need to scour the Goodwills around town for more bangles because this baby looks awesome. And, y’know, I need more excuses to play with Hodge Podge.

5 Responses to “Mapquesting”

  1. Andrea says:

    I call it Modge Podge actually… Saying MOD podge sounds wierd to me!

    Anyway – that bracelet is awesome and I must get myself to the craft store pronto to create one for my self!

  2. Oranges And Apples says:

    Hi, I have no idea what mop/modge/hodge podge is but the bangle is aceness!

  3. Word says:

    I grew up using it in my pieces and in college we called mat medium.
    Which is I think Art School lingo for modge podge.
    Great bracelets Meg

  4. Kimberly says:

    love me some mod hodge modge podge!!! I went through a phase where I would glue down anything that would stay still for long enough. Love the bangle!!

  5. amybluestar says:

    Well hallo there! I love the upcycle – I always love finding new ways of using the stuff. Do you have an issue with me reposting this on my blog? I think you’d like my bloggity-blog and I think my readers would love this project!



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